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The Marie

This was the first time I felt brave enough to show Tim's nipples and flat chest in a Ladonna photoshoot (unresolved childhood trauma around being coerced to take off my shirt and "be a man" working in the garden LOL).

Pretty crude PS cut-out job on that hairdo I must say. I lived in that wig for a year or two. Incidentally, she was called the "The Marie" and I got her at Paddy's Markets. At this point she must have had about ten cans of hairspray injected into her and later ended up becoming a VERY Marie Antoinette POUF.

Marie responded very well to backcombing with all that sticky buildup! Went back to Paddy's a few times to repurchase Marie but to no avail. You see, when I'm onto a good thing I stick to it 💦

The original pic was taken by the gorgeous Nori Beppu to promote my live show at Tokyo Sing Song in Newtown in 2015.


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