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Ladonna Rama Interview with The Working Guitarist!

I met Altin Gjoni, The Working Guitarist, through the online freelancing website Fiverr. I was looking for a guitarist last year to add some grunt to a few of my tracks. I sent him a finished track and asked him to play along with the chords and add anything he felt. In this way it felt like a collaboration and the result was electric. I just love it! It's always a little bit weird working with people online but I could immediately sense his kindness, warmth, professionalism and commitment to the project. It felt like a really great fit. He's done a lot of work for me since then, most notably on my 2020 dance rock track Stuck in the Groove.

Cut to 2021 and he asked to interview me for his website with a focus on independent creatives. Check it out here! Thank you Altin! I normally shy away from interviews but I really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect a little and share my story a bit more.

Here's some screenshots of Altin doing his thing in the music video for Stuck in the Groove... and here is his insta if you'd like to check him out!


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