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My Girdle Story


There’s something very comforting about the structure and stability a full body girdle can provide that goes beyond the obvious physical benefits of shifting and shaping. I’m talking about how clothes, specifically form-enhancing undergarments, can be very empowering and how for me they flick the switch between being Tim or being Ladonna.⁣⁣

When I’m encased there’s an immediate improvement in posture. Tim’s posture, while a lot better these days, has always been slack. The link between body confidence (through the display of good posture) and self-confidence is very real for me. Have lived with this my whole life. I used to kid myself that it was more comfortable to stand like this and that’s just the way my body is. In my teens a doctor thought it was scoliosis. In my mid 40s I’m still consciously correcting the slouch. You see a lot of hunchbacked older people here in Japan and yes they serve as a reminder to pull those shoulders down and elevate the neck! Incidentally, Google told me that poor posture can result in low testosterone, which can lower self-esteem. So, both a cause and an effect? Is there a word for that?⁣⁣


Anyway… back to girdles! This type of bodysuit reminds me of my maternal grandmother Ruby. I rarely speak about her and don’t really think about her too much. She died a while ago now. I don’t even remember when it was. I’m bad with dates, worse with funerals and very good at suppressing things. Not that it was too traumatic for me personally, but I feel a sense of loyalty to others who were affected. ⁣⁣


For all her faults (and there were plenty) I have a few fond memories of her as a vivacious and kinda glamorous dollybird who loved dressing up and wore a full body control girdle every day. She came from a different era when girdles were commonplace, and she’d also had surgeries (or so she said), so I used to think it was for medical purposes and I’d imagine that somehow the girdle was holding her all together... but ya know maybe it was more about good old fashioned vanity and maintaining the body confidence to feel good about herself.⁣⁣

What's your girdle story?


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