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Ladonna Rama Podcast Interview on Apocalytpo

I did my first podcast! I was scared to do it but it was really so much fun. I have never met Mr Jasper Clifford-Smith in real life but we have been cyberbuddies for quite a few years now. We connected through the independent music scene in Sydney and have had a bit of online banter on and off. I was chuffed he asked me to do the podcast and I really got quite into it!

Jasper's writeup on the ep...

Queer electronic music Ladonna Rama (Tim to his Mum) joins me for Episode 3 of Apocalypto. We talk Japan, manga, sex, Covid and Michaelia Cash's hairdo...

Go have a listen and follow Jasper on Instagram. I also highly recommend subscribing to his amazing social/political/whatever commentary on his blog. He's full of fire and love!

And here's the podcast ep below! ENJOYYYY!


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