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Navigating the Internet as an Independent Musician

As reliance on social media and the Internet has become a vital key to self-promotion for independent musicians, we're doing everything we can to drive engagement. Seems you're only as good as your last instagram post huh. At times I really feel like I'm floundering, when all I really want to be doing is producing music. I know I'm not alone as a bedroom producer singing into my cheap mic in the closet on Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason fending for myself on the net.

There's an abundance of free resources for independent artists out there and it can be quite overwhelming wading through it all but often I come across something handy that resonates and chuck it into a bookmark. I wanted to start an independent music resource hub to share some of the free or cheap resources I find useful and give them life outside of a bookmarked folder. I imagine this blog becoming a practical hub for independent creatives struggling to locate meaningful resources.

Beyond promotional tools for independent artists I want to share resources on songwriting and music production, music history, music theory, queer music resources and showcase creative talent and events. Initially, the resources I share will be split into 5 main categories and will likely evolve.

1. Music Promotion Strategies

2. Music Production and Songwriting

3. Music History and Theory

4. Queer Music Resources

5. Talent and Events

So, from the list above you'll be getting a mix of practical and informative content that could include advice on how to set up a Spotify pre-save campaign or tools to market music on Instagram more effectively. It may also be links to an article on the roots of disco and queer culture or a cool Ableton Live mastering plug-in I found free on Youtube! I might post links to some HOT freebie sample packs or do a little plug for my friend's livestreamed DJ set on Twitch. I'll also showcase interviews with independent creative professionals as a way to promote their services and show you how great they are.

So, this is my first entry for my new blog! Thanks so much for reading! I'm really excited to be doing this and I really hope that as an independent artist you can also find this of use. Please bookmark my blog and check back from time to time. For now I'll be updating a few times a week. THANKYOU!


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