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90s Sample CDs

So, I was searching for some 90s sample CD inspiration during lockdown as I was working on some commissioned tracks which required a retro 90s feel. After a bit of a search I really lucked out. There it was, the link of all links to a treasure trove of forgotten 90s Sample CDs that would otherwise be collecting dust hidden in a storage box of corrupted CD-ROMs. I mean, I've got a few of my own in a dark cupboard somewhere but who could be bothered ripping them.

With names like Dance Mega Add On Grooves and Best Service Horny Club Sounds where could you go wrong? Well you could probably go wrong with some of the other cringe names like Ethno Techno CD4 and Poke In The Ear With A Sharp Stick but hey...

So here they are! Straight from the incredible Internet Archive. There seems to be some recent updates so you might wanna bookmark it. Get em while they're HOT. Dust em off and load into your fave DAW before they disappear again forever.


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