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Ladonna Rama - 2020 Spotify Wrapped

In 2020 I put out 3 singles and 21 (!!!) remixes to go with them. At the end of last year I had finished an entire album but scrapped the plan to release it and decided to eek it out slowly as singles/EPs. I’m still sitting on a lot of new stuff.

These days it’s all about streaming and in some way there’s value in releasing singles over albums. Even though you’re “paid” an absolute pittance per stream, Spotify is pretty much the only service that deposits moolaah into my PayPal. But the feeling is less like being paid and more like your Dad giving you some pocket money to go buy yourself an ice-cream. I mean, most months my streams don’t even pay for my actual subscription... but hey... do I do it for the money? For the fame? (LOL) For the stats? Ummmmm yeah nah...

So anyway, lots of independent artists (and a few heavies) are posting their #spotifywrapped and I wanted to get in on it and take the opportunity to thank everybody who has listened to my little experiments or pre-saved or maybe added one of my tracks to a playlist. It really helps and It really means a lot to me and I want to give you a big kiss!


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