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Here is a 2 volume collection of orchestral reworks of 'Animals' tracks! Something very different. You can listen here. ENJOY! Feeling like this is the last instalment for the 'Animals' era.

homosapien cover.jpeg


My cover version of Pete Shelley"s classic queer anthem 'Homosapien'! I love this one a lot. Check it out here!

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"Freshly remixed from the uniquely colourful Animals album, acid tech and industrial producer Multicore takes on Move Your Body and injects a mighty hit of bass and reverberating rhythm to reignite the central energy of the track." Stereo Stickman review

Available everywhere from Friday 30th July

animals unreleased.jpg


So here comes ♦️ANIMALS UNRELEASED♦️ 15 new remixes that have been champing at the bit, trapped on my hard drive! A little more wild and lot more sexy…

Available everywhere from Friday 25th June.

Akuma Youtube 1.jpg


Produced by glitch artist Naomi Oliver! The music video set to the Vocaloid Version. Watch it now!

Akuma Cover.jpg

AKUMA Remixes

A bit of a departure for me! Akuma is out now with three remixes. The first is the 'Vocaloid Version' featuring Miku Hatsune on lead vocal, Len Kagamine on the bridge and Ladonna Rama on background vocals. There's also a housey mix and a synthwave mix.

youtubethumbnail1GUOI copy.jpg

Get up on it Music Video

Featuring performance footage shot at a fetish slave auction run by Dick Savvy at the Oxford Hotel and Heaps Gay downstairs at the Imperial Hotel!. Most of the naked bums and faces have been censored and it was a lot fun doing it!


Get up on it Remixes

The Around the Back Mix features new arrangements/vocals and a bit of Pete Burns style delivery and the He Said She Said Mix takes it down into darker territory with a full on vocoder effect.


Stuck in the Groove Remix!

MaxxxyT has remixed STUCK IN THE GROOVE. It's a groovy, psychedelic, sci-fi, disco romp! And I love it!

Animals single cover.jpg

Animals Remixes

The remixes are here! You've got your deep house and electro cuts and an industrial version by Multicore

animals cover wide.jpg

Animals - The New LP!

The new LP is finally out! head over to wherever you listen to music and sink your teeth into it. 13 tracks! You can read my track by track stories here. There are also reviews from Stereostickman and Beach Sloth

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