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12 Jun 2020

Over the quarantine period I took some time to reassess how I approach my online presence for Ladonna Rama in terms of telling her/my story both as a character and as an independent artist. Part of this was to make a commitment to start blogging again. The focus is on sharing resources for independent creatives/musicians that I’ve found useful. I’ll also include interviews with some hot talent and some juicy queer content. GET INTO IT!


01 Jan 2020

SEVEN new remixes to sink your teeth into. Some acid, minimal techno, big beat, slow house and synthwave. Hectic, Multicore and IV-IN giving it up. The gorgeous Naomi Oliver on background vox for the Her Majesty's Voice Mix. Go have a listen! 


05 May 2020

HERE SHE IS! 💋Catch the premiere of my new single STUCK IN THE GROOVE, Thursday 7th May, from 9:30pm AEST on 89.7FM Queer For Your Ears. TUNE IN to hear my first track ever to use stacks of real electric guitars. Got me feeling it... 🎸👠🎸👠🎸👠


01 May 2020

In a bit of an angsty departure for me, I've gone full tilt dance rock with stacks of electric guitars from my new guitarist. I'm confronting that bitch of a tyrant in my head. The fierce guitars herald a spunkier me ready to tackle the damn dictator and take steps toward emancipation. But am I free yet and whose fault is it if my dingleberry ain't getting used? Pre-save now!

SOME TASTY REVIEWS for "Zentai Suit"!

11 Apr 2020

"Ladonna uses an all enclosing zentai suit to go into the jungle that is the local supermarket, fully protecting this performance artist from top to toe... providing a nice smile for other shop-for-your-life shoppers." Thank you so much to the hunnies at Yeah I Know it Sucks and Stereo Stickman for these fabulous reviews! Just love it!


01 Apr 2020

Remixes Vol 1 & 2 out now! Hectic brings fierce techno. Includes a hot acid rework by Multicore and middle-eastern beats from IV-IN. Gladbeast serves Kōenji grit, Yorimichi Mifune offers something more transcendental and Worms gives us bent, experimental pop! Stream everywhere and watch the remix videos

The music video for ZENTAI SUIT!

08 Mar 2020

That's me slipping into my electric blue Zentai suit and writhing on my bed. I'm performing to an iPhone on a sexy tripod before hitting the wet and lonely streets of a west Tokyo suburb in search of my new companion. My Zentai suit is overlaid with night scenes shot from Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Government Building in Shinjuku. Click the link for the video and all services where Zentai Suit is available.

The NEW single 💦ZENTAI SUIT 💦 has arrived!

26 Feb 2020

Over the warm waves of a gorgeous 70s Rhodes pad and a ruthless, arpeggiated synth bass, I invite my new companion to slip into a Zentai suit, cast aside his inhibitions and slide into outer space (but not before a spot of shopping...). Stream/watch the new single now!


24 Feb 2020

Tune in to Queer for Your Ears on Eastside 89.7FM to hear the exclusive premiere of Zentai Suit this Thursday 27th February from 9:30pm AEST. It's finally happening! I'll also be having a little chinwag over the airwaves with Bibi and the Big Blue on Queer for Your Ears and I can't wait! It's my first ever proper radio interview so I'm a tad nervous, extremely excited and slightly moist. I really hope you can tune in.


30 Jan 2020

Over the warm waves of a gorgeous Rhodes pad and a ruthless, arpeggiated synth bass, I invite my new companion to slip into a Zentai suit, cast aside his inhibitions and slide into outer space. PRE-SAVE the new single now! 

DIRTY DADDY EP and Music Video has dropped!

18 Sep 2018

He's finally here! The 4th and final single from "Unzip the Chick" has got her feeling like a man. It's a dark, glitchy trip on a looong hit of poppers (if you're into that sort of thing). Shot by Naomi Oliver and cut to Hectic's slinky remix.  Click the image to see the video. The EP features "Dirty Daddy", "Fake it" and "I'm on a Mission" with Hectic, Akira, Naomi Oliver and Gav Oli on remixing duties. 

Photos from MCA VIVID Performance!

13 Jul 2018

Click the image for more glorious shots of the Augmented Reality performance collab to my track Can't Afford the Pain at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for Vivid Festival with ab:nb Andrew Burrell and Nori Beppu! Image by Alessio Cavallaro.

My new AR app available now!

14 Jun 2018

Saturday 16th June, in collaboration with the amazing ab:nb (Andrew Burrell and Nori Beppu), debuting my first augmented reality performance at the MCA for Vivid Sydney. Simply cannot wait. Visit the ladonnARama App page and download the app now. Click the image for more visuals!!

May-June 2018 Shows! Click the image for details...

14 Jun 2018

Photo by Richard Hedger from my show for Gang of She.

Another Review Just In!

01 Jan 2018

The gorgeous adorables over at Yeah I Know it Sucks have shared their views on Choo Choo Train! Adore em. Have a gander! Grab the choo choo tune on my debut album.

DIRTY DADDY Video Coming Soon!

13 Dec 2017

Currently editing the new video shot by Naomi Oliver in front of green screen on the cheap in my bedroom. More behind the scenes pix here. Remixes by Ladonna and Hectic to come!


25 Nov 2017

Last nite I had the pleasure of performing at Estee Louder's CONTROL at Tokyo Sing Song. The crowd was very receptive and quite loose! Sveta kicked it off dropping a few oldies goldies and Kate Doherty banged on until 2:30. Was a little tired after that but had to keep moving for the gorgeous Chippy Nonstop. Phew! I may have lost my voice and I may have dropped the mic but here's a little snippet of Ladon filmed by Chippy.

Live at CONTROL - Tokyo Sing Song 25th November

08 Nov 2017

Somebody said Tokyo Sing Song is hot again. Cmon down for Kate Doherty, Estee Louder, Sveta and myself LIVE x

New Review IN!

17 Sep 2017

Read the titillating review of Reach the Ceiling by the hunnies over at Yeah I Know it Sucks. "Hang on to a twirling disco ball, hold on to your glamorous wig and set your fake eye lashes in motion." Enuff said! LOL

Clip for Reach The Ceiling HAS DROPPED!

26 Jul 2017

New video out now! Head over to the gallery for a few more behind the scenes shots in the dungeon...


06 Apr 2017

The new video I'll Require Your Full Attention is a call to action! Watch it now or forever hold your peace... Director: Stuart Vauvert, Assistant Director: Einar Jay, Director of Photography: Nick Coppins.

"I'm on a Mission" CD Single available now!

16 Jan 2017

CD Single for "I'm on a Mission" in gorgeous glossy card sleeve with picture CD has arrived! Featuring four tracks:

1. Original Mix

2. Matt Vaughan's Deep Space Mission

3. Ladonna's Uranus Mix

4. Ladonna's Receptive Mix


Free shipping within Australia and AU$4 elsewhere. Click here if you like something to hold onto!

Read This Review for "Unzip the Chick" and GROW A WIG!

13 Jan 2017

Music to wiggle the ding dongs! Check out this delicious review for "Unzip the Chick". Available now to purchase or stream on all the usual music platforms.


31 Dec 2016

Ladonna's sophomore album UNZIP THE CHICK with 13 new tracks, brims with campy, melodic, electro-pop. Get it now on iTunes or Bandcamp. Are you ready to unzip?

I'm on a Mission NEW SINGLE OUT NOW

08 Dec 2016

NEW VIDEO directed by Stuart Vauvert, shot by Nick Coppins and featuring Beau Kirq above. Fasten your seat belts girls (safety first). Buy on iTunes and listen on Spotify.

Behind the Scenes on New Video Shoot for "I'm on a Mission"

19 Oct 2016

"I'm on a Mission", the first single from Ladonna's new album, will drop late this year. Video directed by Stuart Vauvert, shot by Nick Coppins and featuring Beau Kirk. She's hooping again...

New Photoshoot

31 Jul 2016

Ladonna shimmied her way through a few new outfits for Nick Coppins' camera over the weekend. She's shooting for her new album cover. Head over to the Gallery for more hot shiny lewks...

New GIFs at Videoglitch

31 Jul 2016

Ladonna has been making some new GIFs that may or may not hurt your eyes. Have a geezer on Tumblr...

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